Ahmed Gazdiev 1989, kidnapped 13.08.2010 г.

On August 13 in Stavropol two residents of Ingushetia – Islam Evloev, 24, and Ahmed Gazdiev, 21, – were kidnapped; until now there whereabouts are unknown, their relatives assert.

On August 13 at about 10:00 p.m., Islam and his relative Ahmed Gazdiev were detained in Stavropol, near an entrance to No. 223 Lenin Street, where Evloev rented an apartment.

According to the tenants of the house, a white Gazel minivan without state number plates stopped near the young men. Armed persons in masks and camouflage got out, forced Evloev and Gazdiev into the van and took them away to some unknown place.

Islam came to Stavropol with his mother on July 24 to take his medical examination. Islam and Ahmed are students: the former – in Rostov-on-Don, the latter – in Stavropol.

As of today, their whereabouts remain non-established.


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