Aslanbek Isaev 1978 kidnapped 14.05.2010 г.

In the village of Boguchan, Krasnoyarsk region, two residents of Ingushetia: Bashir Dobriev, inhabitant of  Ekazhevo village and his uncle Aslanbek Isaev, who lives in Boguchan village  Tereshkova street,16-a, kv.5. were kidnapped by members of law enforcement agencies.

14 May 2010 Bashir Dobriev left Ingushetia in search of work and  went to the Krasnoyarsk. He stopped at the home of his uncle Aslanbek Isayev. On July 6, uncle and nephew were kidnapped near the store, two white UAZ automobiles without registration numbers stopped near the  Aslanbek and Bashir , Isayev and Dobrieva were pushed in one of the cars by armed men and drove away in an unknown direction.

As of today, their whereabouts remain non-established.


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