Ozdoeva Milana Beslanovna, 1982. kidnapped in January, 19, 2004.

In January, 19, 2004, in Katyr-yurt settlement,Achkhoi-Martanovsky district,some masked militarymen kidnapped from a homestead,situated in Lenin street, № 68, Milana Beslanovna Ozdoeva,born in 1982.
The militarymen forced the door open with crow bar.They beat Milana Ozdoeva’s father and a brother made them lie down on the floor,then checked documents of all who was in the house but Milana and commanded the girl to make all ready.The militarymen did not explain a reason of the arrest.
Milana Ozdoeva (her surname is her husband’s) is two little children’s mother.Till 2004 year beginning she had lived in Ingushetiya,in her husband’s parents.In the beginning of January,after her husband’s death,she came back her parents’ home,living in Katyr-yurt settlement.
In December, 29, 2003,before Milana’s return her parents’ home,some militarymen visited their house and took interest in Milana Ozdoeva’s location,asking her mother,Dubas Lyubov Petrovna. The mother,being anxious of her daughter,applied to the acting chief of Achkhoi-Martanovsky district of internal affairs,Gataev Chersi, to know who and why was interested in Milana. Gataev Chersi told that actually FSB members were interested in Milana Ozdoeva but by what reason they were doing it,he did not know.
In January, 5,when Milana Ozdoeva had already come back her parents’ home and she was at mother’s work,in Katyr-yurt administration.The members of some unknown power structure talked to her.One of the,introduced himself as Mikhail Evseyev,said to Milana: « We have an information you want to become shahid».Milana Ozdoeva answered him: «I am a mother of two little children and far from such things you tell».Leaving,the militaryman advised Milana Ozdoeva’s mother «better look after her daughter».
In January, 9,in second time,the militarymen talked to Milana Ozdoeva in her parents’ home. That time,the same Mikhail Evseyev,informed her that somebody had left for Russia using her passport.But Milana Ozdoeva showed him her own passport and said that they had better know who was using false documents.
After kidnapping of Milana Ozdoeva,her mother,Dubas Lyubov Petrovna,applied to district department of internal affairs,FSB,procuracy office and Achkhoi-Martanovsky district administration but nowhere could get information about location of her daughter.
In January, 21,Dubas Lyubov Petrovna applied with an application to Human rights center «Memorial», to help her locate Milana Ozdoeva.
Dubas Lyubov Petrovna’s evidences:
«At about 02:00,the door of our house was forced open with crow bar by some militarymen. There were a lot of them(to 15 ones) there. All of them were armed.They beat my husband and brother-in-law. Aimed weapons at their napes,they made them to lie down on the floor then they checked our passports but Milana’s and said to her:«Let’s go». I said: «You used to be here many times,please don’t take her away».One of them answered:«We are soldiers,we are ordered and nothing can do».Then,I started to make my all but the militarymen said to me:«You,woman,don’t go anywhere» and to Milana:«why do you dress a baby?».My daughter dressing the child answered: «He is a baby I need give him suck» but the soldiers did not allow her to take the baby with and started taking her away. When I asked them:«Where do you take her?» they said:«We promise that no a hair falls from her head.We’ll bring her before noon».

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