Mutsolgov Khusein Magomedovich, 1986. kidnapped in May, 5, 2007.

In May, 5, 2007, at 14:30,not far from Ekazhevsky circle,Nazran,next kidnapping of Ingushetiya inhabitants. Masked and camouflaged persons, which were in white minibus «Gazel» with darkened glasses and without licence number plates,captured a native of Surkhakhi settlement,Khusein Mutsolgov(1986) and a native of Nasyr-kort settlement,Zaurbek Evloev(24-25 years old). The abductors also took an auto «VAZ-21099″(licence number plate С 095 ТФ06), belonging to Mutsolgov. After the kidnapping,the armed group headed for «Kavkaz» federal highway. The abductors were in three autos.

The kidnapping men’s relatives had recurrence to RI ministry of internal affairs. Plan «Perekhvat» was actuated but resulted in nothing. The power structures questioned some witnesses for the kidnapping happened in the street and there were many beholders. By some data, the armed group went in the direction of Grozny. By another data-in the direction of Vladikavkaz.
About nightfall,there was found one of the kidnapped men,Zaurbek Evloev in the area of Assinovskaya stanitsa. He was concussed and his behavior was inadequate. In the same evening,he was delivered to the struggle against organized criminality bureau of RI ministry of internal affairs to learn the circumstances of the incident.
According to Evloev’s words,the abductors were members of the power structures.They were masked and they spoke russian.At once after capture,they were brought to unknown place,took polythene bags on their heads and kept in a dungeon. After they nearly suffocated,the bags were taken off.By Evloev’s words,he was driven to Assinovskaya settlement and set free there. Zaurbek Evloev was greatly threatened and contradicted himself in his evidence.

Khusein Mutsolgov has bronchial allegy.Added to everything else in 2000,he had got a serious autoaccident and in grave condition was delivered to the resuscitation section of the town hospital. The head trauma was a consequence of that accident and Khusein should be monthly examined by doctor.

The kidnapping of Mutsolgov and Evloev,in May,5, in the Nazran centre, shocked the general public of Ingushetiya. There were spontaneous gatherings of the citizens in some settlements. Some unknown power structures go on acting with impunity in Ingushetiya, rousing tension in the community.Murdering and kidnapping of Ingush youth got numerous. Neither federal nor republican bodies take any steps to prevent. Situation in Ingushetiya goes on becoming complicated and you can gain the impression that it is a schemed and purposeful action.

Up to now Khusein Mutsolgov’s fate had not known and he is kept searching on.


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