Statement Ajshat Gardanova in connection with the murder of her son

Head of the Republic of Ingushetia Evkurovu S bb.

Prosecutor of the Republic of Ingushetia Belyakov, PA

Commissioner for Human Rights in the Republic of Ingushetia Ozdoev DE

The human rights organization «Amnesty International»

In the Human Rights Center «Memorial»

The human rights organization «MASHR»


Gardanova Ajshat Bagaudinovny,

Residing at the Republic of Ingushetia,

Sunzhenskiy region, sp Alhasty




September 18, 2012 about 22 hours in Art. Ordzhonikidzevskya on the street. Kalinin, near the intersection with the street. Working armed with «people», was killed by my son, Gardanov Alikhan Hadzhibikarovich, born in 1982. The next day, the morning of September 19, we watched the morning news broadcast on Channel TV «Ingushetia», which aired a story about the allegedly carried out a special operation in the sp Ordzhonikidzevskya, in which they had killed five people. After learning the state registration number of the vehicle shown in the plot, we realized that it was my son’s car, Alikhan.

Alikhan moonlighting as a guard in one of the trade stands in the central market ris Ordzhonikidze, near the taxi rank and possibly doing as a cab driver trying to make a living and feed their children. The car he bought about six months ago. On the evening of the day he left home and went to work, shop and check out at the same time secure an agreement that will call a friend in the sp Ordzhonikidze buy two wheels for your car. About 22 hours Alikhan called his wife and asked what to buy from the products, she asked to buy bread and mineral water, what Alikhan responded well, and that’s about to go home.

Catching a cab driver, a man does not ask the passports of the passengers, know the face of every citizen of the republic, he does not have all the more, and it does not give any right to which the special services and law enforcement agencies do not take this into account when carrying out special operations. Moreover, that, according to witnesses, the car was shot almost immediately after it was blocked by cars Lada Priora, black, both without state registration plates. Proposals to stop, or any other kind of talks by members of the security forces were voiced almost immediately a vehicle has been a barrage of fire from automatic weapons. Accordingly, they made no attempt to apprehend the likely perpetrators, as well as to avoid possible random victims.

My son is a decent man, when did not commit any crimes which did not constitute a criminal at large and the development of law enforcement does not mean problems with the law did not. All the people know him speak of him only positive, it is characterized as a kind, sympathetic person, much loves his family and relatives. Throughout his life he was not afforded me the hassle and problems, tried to live honestly without causing harm to people, and not when I did not keep grudges.

Based on the above, I beg to assist in the protection of the constitutional rights of our family, to restore the good name of my son, as well as to initiate a criminal investigation into the murder of my son Gardanova Alikhan Hadzhibikarovich, born in 1982.

Prosecutor of the Republic of Ingushetia, ask the prosecutor to take action, consider my application in accordance with the Criminal Procedure Law of the Russian Federation and inform me that adopted a reasoned decision in the manner prescribed by law.

September 24, 2012, AB Gardanova


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